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Our Experience Coastal Point's principals and team members have been active in the U.S. and the international energy industry for over forty years.

They are strategically located in Louisiana, which is the center of the world's offshore oil and gas exploration and production infrastructure. Their backgrounds enable them to take advantage of an intimate working knowledge of the network of Gulf Coast offshore vendors, fabricators and operation and maintenance companies who have developed and who participate in the global offshore oil and gas business. These long-term relationships with the leading participants in the offshore oil and gas industry enable Coastal to economically construct and manage offshore wind generation projects. The team has designed a world-class wind farm suited specifically for the Gulf of Mexico and readily adaptable to other offshore areas throughout the United States and globe.

In the past, the Coastal Point management team has successfully undertaken large oil and gas offshore and onshore projects often valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. Engineering challenges involved in some of those projects at the time discouraged globally recognized companies from participating in the projects.

"The Galveston Offshore Wind Project (by CPE) is likely to be the first offshore wind farm in the United States. The Galveston project has the advantage of lying within Texas' extended state jurisdiction, and as such is subject to a different permitting process than offshore wind projects in federal waters. "
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